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Assistant Commissioner

Assistant Commissioner of Accounts

Elizabeth L. Wildhack currently serves as Assistant Commissioner of Accounts in Arlington County, Virginia.  Commissioners of Accounts are appointed by the circuit court judges of their respective jurisdictions, and serve as quasi-judicial officers, determining and resolving issues that arise during the administration of an estate.  As such, the position is one of trust, and only experienced attorneys who have demonstrated the requisite knowledge, skill and integrity are appointed to serve as Commissioners of Accounts.

The duties and responsibilities of the Commissioner of Accounts include the following:

  • Estate inventories and accounts are filed with the Commissioner of Accounts in the jurisdiction where the personal representative qualifies.  The Commissioner reviews, audits and approves the inventories and accounts if they are acceptable, or declines them if they are not acceptable.  The Commissioner files a report of his or her findings with the court.
  • The Commissioner reports delinquent personal representatives to the court, and initiates proceedings to enforce filing and settlement requirements.
  • Commissioners also perform the following duties:
    • Determine sufficiency of fiduciary bonds
    • Conduct hearings on creditors’ claims
    • Determine reasonable compensation for personal representatives

Ms. Wildhack is proud to serve as Assistant Commissioner of Accounts in Arlington County and takes her responsibilities in this role seriously.  She welcomes the opportunity to assist personal representatives in administering estates.  For further information regarding the Circuit Court of the 17th Judicial District in Arlington, visit their website: Arlington County Circuit Court.

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